150 Words for 150 Years Flash Writing Contest


150 Words for 150 Years Flash Writing Contest


150 Words for 150 Years Contest WINNERS

Nearly 200 people of all ages submitted 150-word pieces expressing their feelings and ideas about Canada in this, its 150th-anniversary year. The winners of our 150 Words for 150 Days flash writing contest received their prizes ($150, of course!) at the 150th Day Party.


Youth Category

Judge: Lori Weber

O The Maple Leaf” by Cindy Zhang

Runners-up: “Canada” by Abdulhameed Asif, “Standing on Guard” by Claudine Paed, “Clatter” by Abigail Schafer, “A Cold Night’s Journey” by Jared Schellenberg, and “I Am Canadian” by Adia Sové

Fiction Category

Judge: Neil Smith

A Line Home” by Mark Paterson

Runners-up: “Prudence Heward, The Emigrants, 1928, Oil on Canvas, 66 x 66 cm” by Bronwyn Averett, “Here and There” by Heather Macdougall, and “When Welcomed, I Bring Music” by Cora Siré

Nonfiction Category

Judge: Elma Moses

“Wake Up, It’s Snowing!” Lois Manton and “Lizzie and Me” by Carolyn Marie Souaid

Runners-up: “The Other Canada” by Leon Berger, “Grandpa” by Joanne Carnegie, “Newfoundland Diaspora” by Morgan Coyner, “Kimmel Bread and Bagels” by Anna Fuerstenberg, “The Only Thing Possible” by Susi Lovell, and “Girls on Ice” by Deborah VanSlet


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