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Display of Literary Artifacts 2015-2017

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Noise-cancelling headphones used by Kathleen Winter for a quiet writing environment
Typewriter David Homel used to write Electrical Storms.
First editions of Mordecai Richler books
Items from Mordecai Richler's desk, courtesy of the Mordecai Richler Reading Room, Concordia University
Baron Byng High School Reunion Class of '48 - Mordecai Richler, Class President
Susan Gillis's literary boxing gloves
1944 ad for Earth and High Heaven by Gwethalyn Graham
Road Kill by Carolyn Marie Souaid from Poetry in motion (Poems on Montreal city buses)
First edition of Flowers for Hitler by Leonard Cohen
First editions of books by Hugh MacLennan
First editions by Brian Moore and Scott Symons
CIV/n #1 published in 1953
Postcard issue of Cross Country No. 12 1979
Broadsides from the Word Bookstore
Stereo recording of sound poetry by eight Montreal poets, 1980 (Front)
Stereo recording of sound poetry by eight Montreal poets (Back)
Posters and No Address book cover
Poetry book covers
The Presses at Vehicule poster
First Annual Spring Poetry Marathon poster

Photographs by Terence Byrnes